Prototype – Epic Chords


Format: Digital Release date: 08.06.2012





01 Prototype – Epic Chords (2012 Re-Make)
02 Prototype – Burning For You
03 Prototype – Sneaking Up On Core
04 Prototype Re-Actor – Wild West (Prototype Edit)
05 Syn Sun vs ITP – Set The Pace (Prototype Remix)
06 Prototype – Epic Chords (2005 Original)
07 Electric Spectrum – Mystical Whispering (Prototype Pianisimo Remix)
08 Electric Spectrum – Mystical Whispering (Prototype vs Electric Spectrum Remix)


Israeli producer PROTOTYPE is back with his current EP release “Epic Chords” having again massive and twisted-israel-full-on tracks on board. Fast, crazy, and powerful. Dont miss that one !



Epic_Chords - Prototype