Dual Logic – Trust In Dust (MP3)

Dual Logic – Trust In Dust (MP3)

Dual Logic – Trust In Dust (MP3)

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Product includes:

  • Hi-Resolution Cover
  • 320 kBit MP3 Files (all tracks of Release)
  • ID Tagging set (already tagged MP3 Files for correct display in iTunes, iPod, MP3 Player...)

  • NO Sign-Up needed / NO Waiting / DIRECT Download

Audio Demos

01. Dual Logic - Psychological
02. Dual Logic vs Hyper Noise - Ayahuasca
03. Dual Logic - Trust In Dust


Brazilian top-producer DUAL LOGIC is back and in his stash the brand new EP "Trust In Dust" holding 3 previous unreleased and exclusive full-on crackers for your pleasure. The balance in solid-rock basslines and melodious elements makes this so special. Dont miss it and get your copy now !

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