Prime – No More Heroes (Synergetic Records)



This duo from Switzerland has a very clear idea of what their music should sound like: Tidy, fancy, pumping and stylish. Their strategy is to blend the typical built-ups and drops of Full On into polished offbeat grooves, and to top it off with humorous quotes from the 8bit area. Within no time, the two producers managed to deliver an album that proves them to go far beyond the usual copy & paste structures so usual for today. This 4-track EP is another proof of their great talent for… let’s call it Prime-time Progressive Trance!


Heavyweight offbeat bass lines are the golden thread that leads through a story that needs No More Heroes. Progressive Trance lovers will be delighted – subwoofers maybe maxed out… Another characteristic of Prime is their healthy sense of humour. The tracks manage to create a feeling of deepness and profundity without ever getting too theatrical or serious. Light melodies and playful sounds reveal a very relaxed and cheerful character – which of course predestines this EP to be played during daytime or on a well-lit dance floor!


Though all tracks on the No More Heroes EP clearly bear the hallmarks of Prime, they still provide an entertaining variety for DJs and home listeners alike, reaching from solid “bawl-along hit potential” to introspective dance floor hypnosis thanks to a rich variation of moods and tempi.