Pop Art – Pressing Time EP (Synergetic Records)




It was about 1 year ago when first tracks from an artist named Pop Art appeared in the Psytrance scene, seemingly a new face. But the production quality and also the renowned labels who signed his music gave rise to the suspicion that this might be a very experienced producer. As turned out soon, these suspicions were right: Pop Art is the relatively new project of Israeli Oshri Krispin who is well-known since many years under for his project Indra.


The Pressing Time EP is a great showcase of Pop Art’s talent and one-of-a-kind rhythm. Mechanical Advantage starts with an opulent intro that finally breaks down to a minimal, rolling, not too fast beat. The further track is characterized by a very clean, spacious atmosphere, keeping an emphasis on single sound effects rather than multi-track melody layers. In this way, the tune grooves somewhere between Psytrance and Progressive Trance – a recent trend that originates from Israel. Also the experimental, shuffling breaks and changes in tempo are clearly a trademark of the new school of Israeli Progressive.


Stranger is even more experimental. This tune takes off on a 2/3 rhythm, lending to it a very easy and laid-back pace. A light piano sound leads into a fluffy intro that again turns into a rolling 4/4 rhythm… pretty insane and twisted, there’s no other way to describe this kind of rhythm design!


Audio Demos