Perplex – Reunion


Format: CD + Digital Release date: 16.03.2012 (CD) 04.05.2012 (Digital)





01. Perplex & Freaked Frequency – Follow Me
02. Dirty Diamonds – Copenhagen Syndrome (Perplex vs Michele Adamson Remix)
03. Perplex & Intersys – Glorious Times
04. Perplex & Ultravoice – Twilight
05. Perplex & X-Trix – Free Noise
06. Bizzare Contact – Freedom (Perplex Remix)
07. Perplex & Soniq Vision – Reunion
08. Perplex & Ido – Paranormal Activity
09. Perplex & GMS – Paper & Spray (Perplex Remix)


Planet BEN Records is proud to present the twelve studio album of PERPLEX. “Reunion” consisting with 9 phenomenal pure fullon tracks that has been collaborated with the finest psy trance artists from around the world like: GMS, InterSys, Bizzare Contact, Soniq Vision, Ultravoice, Michele Adamson and the list is endless…
After worldwide success of the previous album “Classical Dreams”, the Israeli producer Ronen Dahan (AKA Perplex) do it again but this time even stronger! Ronen Dahan selected carefully and passionately each track in the album so you the listeners will have one hour of perfect fullon raving music!
Watch out from this massive fullon album, making sure to bring you the finest music there is today on the psy trance scene. Perplex twelfth album is ready to go and it’s time for you to hear it!



Reunion - Various Artists