Pelagic Zone – Elements (Bloodsugar Records)




Bloodsugar Records continues its search for alternative urban grooves and presents Pelagic Zone. With an impressing variety of beats, tempi, and tone colours this young guy from Düsseldorf, Germany, proves himself to be very talented. Trip Hop, Ambient, Lounge, Deep House… these and ever more are the Elements of his sound, as introduced on this EP.


The first impression when listening to Pelagic Zone`s Elements EP is that of a beatmaker who has a penchant for deep, yes even psychedelic sounds an melodies. The rhythm of tracks like Cosmos, Sense, Hedopelagial or Dark Night is reminiscent of calm Downbeat for which the producer employs different drum machines and sampler units, clearly showing a passion for vintage gear. The outer-space pad sounds and dreamy melodies clearly take advantage of modern studio technology and so does the rich, three-dimensional mix. The title Mountains comes with barely any beats, it is a piece of classic Ambient music. After that, a surprise awaits the listener: Pleasure Ground is obviously a synonym for dance floor, since this title comes with an inspiring 4-4 beats, tight percussions and a lougey House vibe. Also Zero Gravity turns out to be a mixture of danceable grooves and light Ambient textures. As a result, listening to the Elements EP as a whole is a very entertaining experience, taking ever new turns from super-mellow atmospheres to stimulating tunes.

Audio Demos