Orca – Computer Action (Planet BEN Records)




Looking at a computer as a piece of technological gear, it might appear as quite a rational, pragmatic thing. However, there is a lot of action potential in any central processor unit controlled device, as proven on this EP by Orca!


As a matter of fact the title track Computer Action could well be described as a thrilling computer game taking place in the head of the listener. Rolling 16th bass lines propel this well-rigged piece of Psytrance music straight towards the dance floor. Or rather into a vintage arcade gaming hall? At least there are retro-computer sounds exploding at low bit rates all over the stereo panorama. A rousing mixture of up-to-date production fatness and pressure and oldschoolish samples that could be sampled from an Atari computer or a Gameboy. Be prepared for a banging Psytrance tune with shifting rhythm structures!


Fizzy Lifting Drinks is another high- octane take on modern Psytrance music. A vocal sample about drinks and what you supposedly get from them leads into a track that is characterized by a heady flow and a steady change in density and rhythm. Whirring synthesizer chords meet tight percussions and head-over-heel drum crescendos. Yes, surly a nice one for the peak time on any Psy floor!

Audio Demos