Offline – Universe EP (Planet BEN Records)




Incredible enough, the small country of Serbia just keeps spitting out more and more young and fresh Psytrance talents. Right here we have Offline, a boy of only 22 who is already delivering really grown up Psytrance productions! As the name of his Universe EP implies, this release on Planet BEN Records comes with 3 dark and spaced-out big room anthems.


What the young producer named Simple Moves turns out to be a minimal Psytrance groover. The richness of the bass frequencies is remarkable, there is sheer physical energy radiating from here. Most probably the track works best on a big, nocturnal open air dance floor as its epic vibe is just made to be visualized by lights, lasers and the night sky. The title track Universe is fuller, twisted sound effects and classic synthesizer riffs add up and create a truly huge sound space. It is interesting to hear that this young guy clearly knows the magic of breaks… and the power of the bass line dropping after each one. This tune will surely delight all fans of modern, hypnotic Psytrance. Last but not least we hear Offline’s Remix on Spirit of Sun’s Voyager. It starts as a very powerful and twisted trip, again drawing on the power of atmospheric minimalism, but eventually the title escalates into a surreal structure of acoustic structures and subliminal melodies. Offline is definitely a very promising young talent!

Audio Demos