Odiseo – Sol EP (Syergetic Records)



Mexican Odiseo distilled the warmth of a perfect summer day and turned it into an epic Progressive Trance tune. On this EP the open air season goes on and on – at least in the listener’s mind!


The warm, uplifting style of Ulises Pascual aka Odiseo seems to confirm the popular cliché about the ever cheerful, ever partying and dancing temper of a Mexican. The Mexico City based producer made himself a name around 2004, being a part of the duo ‘Xibalba’ which rocked the dance floors at quite every European festival for a couple of years. Continuing his producer career solo, he keeps up his high-quality sound standard and his unmistakable vibe.


In some respects, Sol has all the features of a classic Trance anthem: A warm, friendly melody which is building and building, a continuous crescendo of harmony that finally reaches a maximum of catchiness in the vast space of a break. Both the tone colours and the huge echo chambers actually predestine this track to be played on an open air sound system – though it will most probably show a great effect when being dropped in a club, as well.


Grow Up stomps along on a truly grown-up bass line, resonating not only along the listener’s abdominal wall, but within the entire body. The frisky chords and hovering sound effects perfectly merge into this mighty pulse of low frequency. Of course also this track is characterized by a distinctly warm, if not tropical feeling.