Octahedron – Quarter Circle Face (Plusquam Chillout)




In geometry, an Octahedron is a polyhedron with eight faces. In other words: An object that has 8 surfaces. Also, Octahedron is the name of a new producer talent from New York. Influenced by Psychedelic music, Dub, Glitch, and Squelch sounds, he delivers an intriguing Chillout style that draws from both classic and very modern elements.


Clearly there is a proper dose of Dub in here. Sea-deep basses, super laid back, and smoky as it can be. They create wonderful halfstep groove, that kind of rhythm that only seems to be lazy until you start nodding to it and eventually moving your body to it. The title Hear Colours And See Sound is rigged with a variety of psychoacoustics and synesthetic inspirations, classic Psy Chill elements colliding with audio tracks that could be taken from a dark Science Fiction film. Talking about Science Fiction: The title Intergalactic represents yet another side of the multi-faceted producer Octahedron. With a very warm and loungy vibe and playful wobble sounds flying through the stereo panorama, this title represents a futuristic take on Lounge music. Again this tune drifts into cineastic depths after the light and mellow take-off… before it morphs into broken beats.

Audio Demos