Norbert Beyer – So In (Future Lovers Records)




Norbert Beyer delivers a tripple dose of minimal House tunes for all tech heads out there!



Man Meets Man is actually a huge, pulsing bass line that is accompanied by very minimal percussions and hypnotic background noise. During the first half of the track a pad sound scraps out of this massive load of sub frequencies, during the second one a vocal sample. Definitely a DJ tool here, as this tracks works like a stand-alone sample deck.


So In is a percussive Tech House groover that comes with a very dry mix, so it’s a pretty crunchy issue. Rhythmic vocal shreds and playful keyboard chords create a friendly vibe of hi-tech House music… until a mellow melody lead hits in during the break. Again and again So In returns to its dry, stomping backbone which makes it perfect to be played on a big sound system.


There is also a Deep Mix of So In, in fact a completely different tune. Stepping towards the dance floor in a very laid back pace, this track keeps growing in a very subliminal manner. As a matter of facts it’s only tiny little sounds that sneak in, so this piece of Deep House music is the perfect choice for afterhour scenarios or eclectic Minimal sets.

Audio Demos