Niels Hesse – 4Elements


Format: Digital Release date: 29.06.2012


Audio Demos




01. Niels Hesse – Wasser
02. Niels Hesse – Feuer feat mathon
03. Niels Hesse – Erde
04. Niels Hesse – Luft


Elektrohaendler Niels takes first steps into solo-producing. With a little help from his friend Pete “Aurel” Leuenberger (Mathon), who produced the hypnotic and crackling soundtrack for “Feuer” on this 4-Track EP,
the elements earth, wind and water were soundtracked respectfully and in a very meditative way. You can almost feel the water dribbling, smell the burning wood and hear the wind shaking a tree down to its roots in mother earth.