Nania – Space & Piano (Bloodsugar Records)




If you still think piano music is something only made for old folks, nerds and avant-garde hipsters, take a listen at this at this EP! In a concept work, Nania introduces the listener into the incredible emotional depth of this instrument, its beauty and its acoustic space.


About You starts with the sounds of falling rain and remote surf hitting the shoreline. This cinematic mood is taken up the minimal, yet so incredible rich piano notes and a string section. The sounds of the rain and the ocean remain in the background  throughout the track which develops a melancholic, deeply emotional character.


Feeling has a very different mood. Deep and dreamy, but no melancholic tone colours await the listener. This track also employs electronically generated sounds, starting with a shiny pad sound that keeps resonating around the slow piano notes. Towards the end of the track, again there are string sections, leading into a bright finale.


Again different, Walking In the Rain proves the remarkable hypnotic qualities of the piano. A pulsating arpeggio is the backbone of this title, its repetitive rhythm and overtones clearly have a psychedelic effect when listening to it via headphones. Improvised piano play and subtle electronic sounds take you on a journey that clearly draws from the mind-bending effects of monotony and subliminal build-ups.