Monu – Enigma EP (Crotus Records)




I did not hear the name Monu before I got hold of this new release on Crotus Records, so I decide for a little Google research. Which tells me that Monu is the artist name of Emanuele Mastrangeli from Italy. To be more precise it is one of at least 5 monikers this dude is obviously using for a huge variety of different styles and projects. So it’s not a big surprise any more that it takes me some minutes to come up with a genre for the sound that is now quaking from my speakers. I call it cosmic Progressive Disco Funk.


Yes, quite quirky sounds indeed. The title Disko is driven by a throbbing 16th bass line, subliminal percussions, fidgety Nu School sounds and yeah – of course there is the Disko vocal sample, as well. Rather try and to-the-point mix, putting a focus on the drops, membrane-cracking bass frequencies and a very clubby drive.


Eden takes off much more in the style of classic Progressive Trance – off beat bass line, melody line and big stereo space. But after a few minutes things get twisted in a rather unconventional way. Whipping open hi-hats create a mighty drive and the melody turns into a big Trance lead that seems to be shot through a cascade of glitch effects. Damn funky it is.


Finally there is Enigma. It`s the probably most conventional track on this EP, deserving the most to be labelled as Progressive House. But also here there is a very noticable pinch of Electro House and a kind of quirky edge, merging into a very round and fluent track.


Audio Demos