Monolock – Sub Frequencies (Synergetic Records)




After sounding the bell for a New Age with a successful EP with this very name, Israeli producer Monolock is back with another concept work: The Sub Frequencies EP. Most probably there will be a lot of bass involved… Let’s give it a listen!


Going High takes off with a vocal sample that is as simple as it is congenial: Let the bass kick! Indeed quite some sub frequencies here, somehow Monolock manages to merge a throbbing 16th bass line into a pulsing offbeat rhythm. Even without a huge number of audio tracks the title builds a warm, driving atmosphere. The actual departure is a trancy melody filtering out of the standing Sub Frequencies over minutes. A total banger without any moment of pretentiousness!


The title track Sub Frequencies comes with a rich textured bass line, as well, reaching up to the lower mids which again creates a very crunchy drive. This title keeps rolling and evolving, its melodies diving down to ever deeper depths. It’s amazing to hear how Monolock manages to create this mighty hypnosis spell without any effort, just as if it was the most natural thing in the world! A great peak time track that will most probably work at any time of the day or the night.


Supreme Being starts with a vocal sample some might recognize from the dawn of Progressive Trance times… The title first appears to be a stomper but gets rolling pretty soon, thanks to huge, echoing sound layers. Quite some bite and drive in the percussion section. A very warm and sunny vibe, the perfect soundtrack for clear blue skies and reckless summer days.

Audio Demos