Monolock – New Age (Synergetic Records)



If you like easy Progressive Trance grooves, spacious sounds and a feeling of openness, but at the same time you are fond of classic Psychedelic Trance music with trippy synthesizer leads and the ethnic beats and rhythms of nature, then Monolock might be just the right pick for you!



The Israeli producer used to create Psytrance for 9 years, using the artist name DelGinZOo. After all this time he discovered the magic of “less is more”, of the clean and tidy arrangements of Progressive Trance. Of course he never lost his psychedelic roots and this is clearly noticeable on this EP!


The New Age comes with a driving, organic bass line- neither offbeat nor 16th, but a refreshing different pace. The track has a very open, spacious flair, melodic build-ups take turns with breakdowns which keeps things very interesting. In the middle of New Age a classic melody appears out of nowhere, cut-off and resonance opening more and more towards swirling bliss.


Goa Dreams combines a weightless offbeat groove and the clean arrangement of a Progressive Trance track with classic Psytrance elements. The most noticeable one is undoubtedly the sharp acid line that is organically modulated throughout the track. Ecstatic pad sounds and endless echo loops create a truly dream-like atmosphere, sending the listener to a laid-back realm of overtones and psychoacoustics.