Molok – Duality EP (Synergetic Records)




Looking at the amount of talented new music producers, it really seems like Serbia is the new Israel. Especially when it comes to the blooming and booming Psy Prog genre, Belgrade is become more and more of its capital. A splendid example is Miloyko Micha Jaric with his project Molok. His Duality EP is a twofold example of uttermost precision, harmony and catchiness!


The title Calm Shores starts with the both tropical and magical sound of steel drums sampled into an interwoven structure of effects and melody. Build upon a fat 16th bass line the title grooves straight ahead. From the very beginning there is a distinctive moment of deepness, intense harmony scraping out of the tight groove. In this way, a wonderfully warm and sunny Progressive groove is created, taking the listener to… well, not exactly calm, but rather wild and party-loving shores!


Restless Dreams is build around a stepping groove, oscillating somewhere between the bouncing power of offbeat rhythms and the open feeling of broken beats. Again this title stands out due to its intricate harmony, each sound effect, each melody layer, and each rhythmic element just seems to add up into one irresistible mixture. Last but not least a funny vocal sample adds to this Progressive Trance banger a sparkling pinch of hit potential…

Audio Demos