Mode & Light – Living In Our Dreams (Plusquam Chillout)


Mode & Light was founded by Mexican Ernesto Carapia during a night of inspiration and strong personal experiences. The name of his project was inspired by listening to the song “But Not Tonight” by Depeche Mode while looking at some photographs with strong lights on them.


The Living In Our Dreams EP explores the soundscapes of something that can best be described as deep Beach House music: Danceable beats meet loungey melodies and a distinct feeling of easiness. The title A Wolf In Love With The Moon starts as it was the soundtrack for a movie with the same name: Rain falling, the howl of a wolf and an emotional melody pad. When the captivating acoustic drums hit in the title takes a different turn. Flanging guitar leads and vintage synthesizers invite the listener to a sunny beach party. Sounds really like a band is playing! Human Engineering has a much more electronic vibe, it’s a highly danceable track. What starts light and uplifting develops quite some depth, yes even tribal twistedness after a few minutes. Definitely will get dance floors moving! Then there is the overwhelming harmony of No Return. Emotional, oldschoolish synthesizer sounds meet the wonderfully free and weightless sound of a guitar, again and again escalating into huge crescendos. It’s time to ask the ladies for a dance! And last but not least this EP includes The Clouds Are Fake Like You, a driving tune that keeps jumping between housey dance floor departures and quiet breaks.

Audio Demos