Mental Flow – Gladiators EP (Synergetic Records)




A pretty new project on the scene delivers fresh sound from the hard and twisted edge of Progressive Trance, including the one or the other quote from Psytrance, as well. As a cooperation of Mental Event and Signal Flow, there is a double dose of innovative power involved.


Sweet melodies with a touch of classic Trance ring the bells for the Gladiators to enter the arena. Once they have arrived, things take a very powerful and energetic turn, represented by the massive, rolling bass line. The tune clearly deserves to be labelled as “ass-kicking”, in this respect it surely has a hard groove. But it would be wrong to name the Gladiators a bunch of rough, brutal guys. As a matter of fact, there is a lot of sensitivity and intelligence shining through the frequencies of their spaced-out harmonies. Result: Great uplift that also matches the energetic vibe of the night hours.


As a second strike, the Mental Flow duo conjures up a Magnetic Fury. Again the general vibe is driving and very energetic, channelling into ever new departures and sharp synthesizer riffs. The break in the middle of the tune is accompanied by broken beats, keeping up the stimulating vibe. There are joyful chords from some vintage hardware around, all together this title is even more driving and nocturnal than the first one.

Audio Demos