Mechanimal – Solar Winds EP (Planet BEN Records)

Nick Mechanimal


1 – Into The Depths

This track really lives up to it’s name! Strong and deep as it can be… there even is a nice little Acid surprise in the middle! Would you please take us to the depths of your studio: What is it that makes deepness for you and how do you create it?


I usually program my NI Massive or sample off the Nord Lead or Access Virus. As for processing I use FabFilter plugins: I find they have a really clean sound and many useful modern features. I believe that deepness comes from strong oscillators and filters: Get these right and you’ll have solid sounding patches. 



2 – Solar Winds

If strong solar winds meet the magnetic fields of the Earth, they create  a spectacular effect in sky known as Aurora Borealis, The Northern and  Southern Lights… When this track meets the mind of the listener, it creates a colorful effect within the consciousness… Would you please tell us about your personal experience with Solar Winds?


When writing music I always think of what the experience would be like playing the music Live at a beautiful locations rather than sitting in front of a computer programming. Even changing the desktop background on the computer and watching YouTube videos of great festival moments helps a lot. I had just been on holiday to Portugal and Spain and saw some amazing views of the night sky so that was a good source of inspiration for the EP. 


3 – Spiral Galaxy

A spiral tack indeed! It seems to suck the listener into a vortex of hypnotic sounds… however, it’s not a high-gravity galaxy at all but very light and uplifting! So what is going on in your galaxy at the moment?


I’m going to play at “Psychedelight Aztek” in Paris and Cohesion in London within the next few weeks. As for the next few months, I have started to write the Mechanimal album which I hope to launch next summer. Besides this I have been preparing a debut live set for my other project “Saga”

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