With any release which will be set by Plusquam Records and its Labelgroup Labels, we offer costless quality digital & analogue masterings by our Plusquam Studios based in Munich (Germany).


For external clients we also offer digital and/or analogue mastering at a moderate fee per track.

Through our musical experience over the past 12 years in electronic music the main focus of quality mastering is on electronic music genres of all ranges.


For further information please contact our team with a request on how many tracks/projects you need to get mastered.



A Selection of the Mastering Studio Equipment:


- Phonic Summit Mixing Console
- AMS Neve 88D console
- AMS Neve 1073LBEQ
- SSL 4000 Mixbus-Compressors

- Waves Masters Bundle
- Waves API Bundle
- Waves SSL Bundle
- UAD-2 Quad Omni Card
- UAD Compressor & Limiters Bundle
- UAD Equalizers & Channel Strip Bundle

DAW / Workstations:
- Cubase 6
- Wavelab 6




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