MAIIA – Primrose


Format: Digital Release date: 12.10.2012


Audio Demos




01. MAIIA – Wells with a rusty pulley
02. MAIIA – When the wind changes (Mary Poppins Mix)
03. MAIIA – Apple trees garden (In Bloom Mix)
04. MAIIA – Beauty drops (Alice- Mix)
05. MAIIA – Changing me
06. MAIIA – Perfect sparkling fingers
07. MAIIA – Our wishes
08. MAIIA – Rainforest Evterpa (Saraswathi light Mix)
09. MAIIA – After rain (Thunder Mix)


MAIIA is back with her collection album “Primrose” holding 9 tracks which were produced between 2006 and 2008 and had now finally the chance to get joined on the album.
We are proud to present you her work full of deep and soulful tracks telling from the heart and soul !