Lyctum – Ancient Groove (Synergetic Records)




Dejan Jovanovic achieved what quite all producers strive for, but only very few manage to do: Satisfy the expectations of the audience on the one hand, but breaking out of the proved and tested Psytrance formula on the other hand. The tracks of Lyctum deliver all the bass boost and acoustic pressure that is necessary to get a contemporary dance floor moving – but at the same time they stand out due to their intense atmospheres, often even reminiscent of film music.


Ancient Groove: The magic of repetitive rhythms is most probably as old as mankind itself. There is something very basic to, something archaic, something raw and primitive. It goes straight to the body, just like an instinct. Of course the Ancient Groove of Lyctum is not banged on some wooden logs. No, it evolves from the synthetic elegance of electronically generated and arranged sounds. Upon this groove, a very sophisticated, intelligent soundscape creates a mystic atmosphere that clearly appeals the human’s mind. A quite irresistible mixture for both body and soul!


Power Of The Atmosphere: It is often read about powerful bass lines and rhythms. Undoubtedly Lyctum has both of them. But the actual psychedelic catchiness of this track comes from the multi-layered structure of melodies and sound effects. A title that truly is able to open a portal to a parallel dimensions once it arrives at the consciousness of a human being!

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