Liquid Sound – High On Life (Synergetic Records)



When Branimir Dobesh from Belgrade started producing music some years ago, he actually wanted to create twisted Psytrance tracks. But how goes the saying? Practice makes perfect! So when he eventually found himself at the point where he was really satisfied with his own sound, confident enough to present it to the scene, he realized that his music was pretty much Progressive Trance with a distinctly deep and psychedelic touch…


Soul Regeneration starts with a sidechain-compressed pad sound that pumps a considerable amount of endorphins into the listener’s brain with every beat. This tickling frenzy shifts to yet another gear when the voluminous bass line hits in… a highly emotional Progressive stomper for that certain “take off moments” on the dance floor, for instance during sunrise. Also Star Light comes with rich melodies and a very warm feeling, but the bouncing bass line of this track is a little more “to the floor” compared to the ecstatic departure of the first title. The versatility of this digital EP is completed by The Fat Of The Bass. Well, the title is kind of self-explaining… This tune has the most modern feeling on the EP: The complex and sensitive melody arrangements of Liquid Sound meet an unobtrusive clubby vibe, plus a tiny touch of uplifting Nu School samples.


Audio Demos