Limbo – Superstar EP (Planet BEN Records)



The Limbo is a mystic place somewhere between here and there, not quite in Heaven but not in Hell either. A very appropriate name for these two newcomers from Israel because their sound can hardly be labelled – full on party music with a dark hint of insanity but after all not jam-packed and no hardcore-hectic neither.


The Superstar goes on a roller coaster ride between peak-time Progressive Trance and intelligent Full On. The first third of the track is very spacious, driven by sharp percussions and a pulsing bass line there is lots of room for all the audio tracks to evolve and to take full effect. Towards the middle the bass starts vibrating at double frequency while remaining its original speed. Anyway, the atmosphere becomes tighter and more of a departure, also thanks to the weird sound effects hitting in now. The Superstar keeps growing until the end – probably this is the perfect track for an energetic Psytrance DJ who takes over after a laid-back Progressive dude!


Sigis Mind is quite a twilight place between dark and light – in other words: A Limbo! The sounds and the general vibe of this track are somewhere between Full On and Dark, it’s pretty much a mixture of these two styles that fires at sporty, yet not high-speed tempo. Altogether a very elastic feeling here in Sigis Mind, and thanks to some funky vocal snippets there is even something uplifting to it!


Audio Demos