Lab's Cloud – Kisses To Heal (Plusquam Chillout)



After romping around as an energetic Neo Full On producer, Spaniard Raul Jordan turned towards Downbeat, Ambient and Psychedelic Chill Out a few years ago. What he presents under the moniker Lab’s Cloud is the essence of his long-year experience with mind-bending music: Sound that inevitably triggers emotions just like happy hormones do, sound that spontaneously gives rise to fantasies and visions…


The debut album of Lab’s Cloud stirred quite some euphoria among lovers of Psy Chill Out last year. Now the Spanish producer from Valencia is back with a new EP that continues the epic story of this last work. The first 4 minutes of A Kiss Is The Best Medicine consist of floating pad sounds only, beguiling the listener and stimulating his emotions in a warm shower of sound. When the relaxed percussions hit in, the journey takes an uplifting turn and rises up high into a realm of shiny harmony. Using an Indian tabla drum, the music of Lab’s Cloud has an organic touch of classic World Music. A Yamaha An1x synthesizer lends to his music an oldschool Goa vibe which is clearly noticeable in the track Wooden Train. Loaded with dreamy arpeggios, this tune stomps along on laid-back 4-4 beats which makes it compatible with both an inspiring Chill Out and an after hour dance floor.