Kuba – Labyrinth Of Colours (Plusquam Chillout)




Chill Out grandmaster Kuba is back on track, delivering a sensational 4-track showcase of his harmonic knowledge, his musical variety, and his remarkable studio production skills. Spaced-out flights, communicative hang-out tunes, ethnic grooves, even danceable beats… it’s all in here!


We Can Still Learn – A modest title for a track that presents accomplished mastery in composition and acoustic depth. The easy vibe of a sub-bass line merges into a complex, organic structure of melodies, instrumental sounds, a human voice, and abstract noise crackles.


Free Ranger – With a distinctly dubby edge this title is uplifting and loungey on the one hand and deep, twisted and psychedelic on the other. Probably the perfect sound for inspired cocktail drinking or a late breakfast.


Mirror Dance – As the name implies, this is a dance floor track from Kuba. The beats are pumping at moderate tempo and create proper thrust for the voyage into a glistening sea of light and harmony – Ambient hits the alternative floor!


Labyrinth Of Colours – Lots of classic Psy Chill and Ethno sounds in here, including dubby offbeat chords, echoing guitars and seeping sound effects. A wonderfully harmonic piece of stimulating, not tranquillizing Chill Out music.

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