Klacid – Revolution


Format: Digital Release date: 14.10.2011


Audio Demos




1. Klacid – Revolution
2. Klacid – Adenosine Trifosphate
3. Klacid – Exploring The Unconscious
4. Klacid – Fairies Are Real
5. Klacid – Long Time
6. Klacid – Magic Trip
7. Klacid – Paranormal Activity
8. Klacid – Puma Pumko
9. Klacid – The Abism
10. Klacid – Tribute To Goa Gil

Ivo Martins Fernandes Heleno aka ‘Klacid’ , blast us with he’s new full length album ‘Revolution’.
Together with the grinding, organic bass sounds, which float & Roll like a massive golden thread, along side with the sweaping build-ups , fresh & sharp ideas , it becomes pretty clear why ‘Klacid’ appropriately describe he’s own music as a ‘Revolution’. By means of the extensive usage of high-tech studio technology , this fine producer manages to paint he’s newest work in a refreshing variety of different sound colours , atmospheres , textures and also to create a very cosy feeling of listening pressure



Revolution - Klacid