Kick Bong – Presence (Plusquam Chillout)



French producer Kick Bong is back on track with two great tracks that are really hard to be labelled: There is a moment of rhythmic stimulation, even inviting to dance. And then again there is a mind-boggling mixture of harmony and weirdness…


Sunrise: An impressing mixture between a very danceable Downtempo track and floating Psy Chill. The title starts in the middle of a huge echo chamber, subtle sound effects and a melody from outer space pulsating in the dark. It’s very deep, yet it doesn’t take the listener all the way to dreamland. A smooth rhythmic arrangement of drums and a  warm, driving bass line lead into an atmosphere that is really lively and even danceable, though clearly firing in the Downtempo range. Just like a Sunrise this tune is warm and energetic – it doesn’t send the listener to sleep but rather inspires him or her to start into a beautiful new day.


Strange Behaviour: We have all seen it at the one or the other party… People moving in weird ways, wild gesturing, mysterious smirks appear on faces… but somehow there still is something beautiful to it, a very sweet moment of freakiness. This title is a soundtrack for those certain moments of Strange Behaviour. Kick Bong combines his rich harmonies with weird rhythms and dissonant sounds. Unnecessary to mention that this again creates a very surreal and entertaining listening experience…


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