Jonny Calypso – MacGyver (Plusquam Records)



What do we have here..? The uplifting pressure of this pulsating bass line and the warm chord sounds are clearly reminiscent of Progressive House. Whereas the sharp, driving percussions remind a solid Techno number… and so do the trippy lead melody and the subtle sound effects. Combining different elements and influences from various genres, Jonny Calypso creates an ingenious groove – and proves himself to be the MacGyver of electronic dance music production!


Born and grown up in a family of musicians, Jonny Calypso from South Germany has been into music since a long time. During his youth he used to play the drums and various keyboards, longing for a career in a Rock band or a Hip Hop combo. Later he used to DJ, playing various genres as well. Looking back at this history, it makes perfect sense that the productions of Jonny can best be described as an amalgamation of different styles, always picking the cherries from the cake to create something like a supreme tart from them…


The fresh, clubby and very modern style of MacGyver fits perfectly into the bags of Progressive House, Techno or even open-minded Progressive Trance DJs. The remix by Chris Source provides even more variation: He unrolls a very organic groove, the bass line getting sharper and nastier throughout the track. A feeling of understatement swings along the frequencies of this version, making it a mighty club tool with a great recognition factor.


Audio Demos