JoeCharlie & Sink The Pink – Stripped Off (Crotus Records)



Arcade Progressive Trance. This is the term that spontaneously comes up to my mind when listening to the new EP by JoeCharlie & Sink The Pink. Please don’t get me wrong – it does not sound cheap or something! It’s just that this sound gives rise to the idea of me walking through an arcade game in the style of Super Mario. Or maybe a rapid racer game like the famous WipeOut…?


Driven by the power of a pumping offbeat bass line, the character of our fictional video game runs through a labyrinth of colours, always shifting and jumping. That’s probably also the reason why this title is called Heavy Breath… Actually the arcade atmosphere is created by vintage synthesizer leads, reminiscent of the 80ies or, well, early computer games. Pretty modern in this retro manner! But also the fidget flow and the playful sound effects create a very vivid, humorous and funny atmosphere – while the groove keeps booming at full throttle.


With long delays and a very wide stereo panorama Soul Dynamic is a little more understated, a little less peak time. However, the crunchy offbeat bass line can best be described as driving, if not forcing. The warm vibe of this title makes it a perfect open air track or an euphoric morning anthem for clubs!


Audio Demos