Jann – Coffee And Herbs (Plusquam Chillout)




Coffee and herbs – when it comes down to the most elemental gustatory pleasures of everyday life, again and again it’s these two ingredients which are associated with a feeling of “that made my day!” Obviously inspired by these simple but priceless joys, Jann delivers two auditory treats for lovers of refined Chillout and Ambient.


The E S Presso is served in a very relaxed environment, inviting the listener to take a break, to lean back and enjoy the hustle and bustle of everyday life fading away. This tune goes down with a rich and warm feeling, leaving behind a fine after taste full of texture and aroma. At the same time the consumption of E S Presso is a stimulating experience, of course: Cosy Downbeat structures create a moment of refreshing new energy.


Kind of simple, nothing fancy but yet so good again and again and again: This is the best description of Electronic Basil. It’s an acoustic spice that tends to harmonize every mood while at the same time introducing a warm feeling of a southern sea winds, of mellow sunshine and relaxed laughter wafting by in the tender evening breeze. A dreamy Downbeat delight with a fascinating psychedelic twist, developing it’s full flavour only little by little.

Audio Demos