Jacob – Another Dream EP (Synergetic Records)




Fresh blood  from the party hotspot Brazil: Jacob appeared on the scene only one year ago… with a massive BANG! Already his debut EP made it in the cases of quite all Progressive Trance DJs around, gaining high reputation as a true smash-hit. Now the South American youngster is back on track with another EP. Let’s check it out!


Holy macaroni – where did this dude learn how to create such massive sub bass lines! When the beat of this track hits in, just everything starts to vibrate with its rhythm. It truly is Another Dream for all lovers of ultra-fat Progressive Trance grooves! Jacob walks the line between a modern, dry, and crunchy style, and classic elements as well as a distinctly psychedelic touch. The friendly vibe of this track and its subliminal melody layers make it perfect for the daylight, however its sheer deepness fits well into a club or the night, as well.


The digital flipside of this EP comes with even more earth-shaking bass. In terms of production quality Jacob is already playing in one league with the biggest names of the Progressive Trance genre! I’m Leaving… to offbeat land! With a both melodic and minimal vibe, this one is a piece of pure groove understatement.