Isabel Morales Rey – Red Couch (Plusquam Chillout)



Only her voice would be enough to make this lady an outstanding musician. However, Isabel Morales Rey is not only a gifted singer, but also a multi-instrumentalist, giving expression to her huge creativity by creating a contemporary mixture of Latin, Jazz, Pop and Lounge music.


Discreet usage of sound effects, a dry mix, a broad stereo panorama and enough space for all the different frequencies to unfold- this is the production approach of Isabel Morales Rey. It also is the perfect sound environment for her expressive voice: “Rhythm is breathing, is movement, is life” the singer explains. “ If it coincides with an original melody which is shaped by the freedom of the human voice singing the right words, it feels just like floating over the ocean… it’s pure freedom!”


As its name clearly implies, this EP is another extra easy piece of music. Singing about her Red Couch, Isabel Morales Rey creates a very laid-back atmosphere, the sound of waves splashing on the beach in the background. In terms in instrumentation, it’s her unmistakable mixture of sunny Lounge chords, jazzy percussions and a distinct feeling of Latin music which creates a mellow groove. Claudio Fiore continues this atmosphere and holsters it up with a slow House groove, discreetly adding some rhythm and sound while at the same time clearly keeping the focus on Isabel’s voice. The result is a relaxed groover, matching the mood of a cocktail party or a late breakfast on the balcony.


Audio Demos