Invisible Reality & Vice – Nightrunner (Plusquam Records)



The Invisible Reality duo made itself a name recently with their very own version of Psychedelic Progressive Trance, for this EP the two Israeli guys teamed up with Italian producer Vice. The result is an understated groove, dark and deep on the one hand, but full of uplifting and light elements on the other.





The title starts with a cinematic deep-space intro, echoing into a vast acoustic room. A dramatic touch already during the first minute of listening… The beat is building with an opening hi-pass filter and it comes together with a perfidiously resonant sound, its overtones creating a really woozy feeling when listening to the Nightrunner on headphones. The title rolls along on a strong bass line. The light, shuffling, synth chords and an esoteric female vocal sample create a both light, weightless and kind of dark atmosphere.



Nightrunner (Part 2)


As the name implies, the second part of Nightrunner continues just where the first one had stopped. Again it’s a deep, rolling and grinding Progressive Trance track characterized by light sound textures and a very tidy arrangement. Thought not being faster in terms of BPM, this part seems to step on the gas a little, altogether it seems a little tighter and therefore even a little more driving.


Audio Demos