Instant Karma – Route 66


Format: Digital | Release date: 19.04.2013


Audio Demos




01. Instant Karma – Shelter Skelter
02. Instant Karma – Lucia My Reaction
03. Instant Karma – Discolite
04. Instant Karma – Route 66
05. Instant Karma – Storm At The Gate
06. Instant Karma – Train
07. Instant Karma – Hallucination Bag
08. Instant Karma – Postman


We are more than proud to release the debut album by INSTANT KARMA. The name only is new but the producer is a german psytrance veteran since a decade. Lothar Herrmann was one part of the famous act PSYCHONAUT from southern Germany. Now he rocks on with his solo project and injects again the powerful ingredients that you need for any dance floor filling time as well as melodies and emotions from former days of goatrance. The mixture is amazing. Check it out now !