Inner Vision – Crunch Times (Sin Records)




Exactly what does Crunch Time mean? Well, it is an expression for a critical period of time when action is strongly required. Often it is used during sport events, when things get really hot towards the end of a game. On this EP, Israeli producer Inner Vision shows us that the term Crunch Time also perfectly applies on a heated dance floor scenario!


There is pretty only one direction on this EP: Straight to the floor! Inner Vision presents four fast and rolling dance floor bangers made to be played during the prime time of any event. At no time he drifts into the twilight realms of… lets call it funfair Trance. No, his productions are twisted, pumping and powerful as it can be but they always keep a sophisticated, intelligent edge. Be it the deep melodies, be it the sharp, acidic hook lines or be it the outer space radio signals mixed into the tracks. The Crunch Times EP comes with a classic Goa vibe, enraptured melodies take turns with highly psychedelic sound effects and mind-bending frequencies. Let’s describe it as traditional Psytrance music with a streamlined hi-tech finish… if that makes any sense. What it definitely is: A lot of fun for all psychedelic dance floors!

Audio Demos