Ilai Salvato – Out Of Control (Plusquam Division)




Two full-power House bangers made to set dance floors on fire until the sprinklers hit in – which is to say until the sweat drops down from the ceiling!


Wow… this bass line will set you Out Of Control. It’s incredible massive, even though I’m listening to this track on rather average headphones right now. A pulsing delight for all clubs equipped with proper subwoofers and a brilliant possibility to finally get in touch with your neighbours at home. What’s happening around this bass? A sleek and minimal arrangement that comes with lots of rousing offbeat chords, tight percussions and a few filter breakdowns. What a highly explosive club banger!


Next title playing right now, again an outrageous bass line but this time the vibe is much more reminiscent of classic House music. Warm, playful sounds all over the stereo space and… Oh Yeah… of course there are also some sexy vocals involved. Extremely high hit potential, definitely one of that tracks made to create a climax during a DJ set!

Audio Demos