Human Element – Subsequent Connection (Plusquam Records)



“The eyes take us into the world, whereas the ears take the world into us” – one of the favourite quotes of DJ Martin from Switzerland. After making himself a name as a skilled Progressive Trance DJ during the past years, he recently started producing music himself- together with other producers or in this case solo, using the moniker Human Element.



The Subsequent Connection starts as a deep, minimal, very relaxed Progressive groover. In its modern manner with a touch of Nu School samples it does not need much to create a subtle suction effect within the listener’s mind. When the track reduces to the break, the tight rhythm suddenly dissolves into a glistening ocean of harmony, ardent melodies spreading out into endless space, creating a mighty morning anthem.


The digital flipside provides a remix from an artist who is an integral part of blissful festival and party dance floors since ages but who kind of made himself scarce in terms of new releases during the past years: Progressive Trance bigwig Atmos himself! He provides a straight, galloping groove as the basis for his version of the Subsequent Connection. Upon this rhythm he evolves a very delicate, ever building arrangement, altogether more subtle and enigmatic than the original. Typical understatement from a producer who is often held to be the initiator of the Progressive Trance movement!