Hoogshagenii – Blurred Vision (Planet BEN Records)



Swiss producer Hoogshagenii takes us to the dark side of Progressive Trance: Though the vision might be blurred when listening to this EP, it is a very clean and pure trip without any negative side effects like nervousness, hyperactivity or confusion!


The title track Blurred Vision starts as something that could be described as Minimal Progressive: A bass line, few rhythmic sound effects, everything mixed in a rather dry way. After a few minutes a trancy melody structure appears, taking the listener into a realm of seeping psychedelic sounds and shuffled rhythms. The arrangement remains pleasantly “tidy” throughout the track.


Dalaylama takes off a little faster, the groove makes it a stimulating night time stomper. Again dark elements meet a minimal, efficient groove and create an atmosphere that is both energetic and relaxed, at some points even uplifting!


Let It Be adds a great deal of variation to this EP: A rolling 16th bass line is the driving force behind this psychotropic piece of music. The title has jazzy vibe, e.g. when the bass line undergoes some emotional key changes or when the shuffled sound effects seem to skip out of the rhythm just to snap back into yet another fascinating groove.


Weird Sick n Twisted is clearly a motto track. So you know what to expect: Cinematic synthesizer themes, tipsy melodies, and sounds from a broken arcade machine operated by a lunatic. Everything bedded onto a stimulating, yet not exactly high-speed offbeat bass line. A fascinating cross-genre stomper for Progressive, Psychedelic and even Dark freaks alike!