Hippy Cat – Amazing Space (Midijum Records)



You still remember Fritz the Cat, the feline playboy who frequently goes for wild benders that sometimes involve sexual escapades or even drugs? Well, if he would be around today he would most definitely love partying with the Hippy Cat. Just because the sound of this relatively new producer duo from the Progressive Trance hotspot Sweden would be the perfect soundtrack for his adventures!


Exploring an Amazing Space full of psychotropic sounds and acoustic pressure, Hippy Cat delivers a very exciting mixture of styles. The heavyweight offbeat bass line has an air of classic Progressive Trance. The title comes without any prominent melodies- and still it is deep an hypnotic as it can be. So what creates these psychedelic qualities of the Amazing Space? It’s just the sounds themselves that conjure up the atmosphere of an alien world, of a weird machinery rhythmically pumping dark energies from one dimension into the other…


The Protein Shake consists of different ingredients. Here there is a playful, light melody plonking along with the pounding off beat rhythm. Vocal samples reminiscent of classic Psytrance productions meet the clubby feeling of Nu School Progressive sounds, there is even a tiny quote of Acid inside there. The track is changing directions all the time, actually there are three different themes mixed into one groove diet. A great variety in itself as well as a minimal counterpart for the first track on this digital EP!


Audio Demos