Harry Lintott – Sunlight (Bloodsugar Records)




Bloodsugar Records keeps on releasing laid-back urban sounds with a deep and melodic vibe. This time it’s British producer Harry Lintott with an EP that can hardy be labelled with a particular genre: Chilled-out but inspiring, clubby but alternative.


The title Breath starts straight with some heavy beats. Booming in the Downtempo range, this one could both be made for a Chillout and a dance floor. Playful arpeggio sounds and a synth lead reminiscent of Electro House create an easy amalgamation of seemingly contrary styles.


Free Fall steps on the gas and comes around in a pretty danceable tempo. Ecstatic lead sounds and melodies create a mellow feeling. The ultimate last title to be played on a dance floor?


Last but not least there is Sunlight. Again beating in the Downtempo range this title comes with a continuous build-up that keeps playing between a resonating Electro hook line, dirty Break Beats, and light, Balearic melody entries.

Audio Demos