Green Dream – Cover Up EP (Midijum Records)




Midijum Records covers up a real insider tip for all lovers, of laid-back, minimal Progressive Trance with a classic touch: Green Dream provides an EP full of elegance and audible beauty, catchy in a very easy and unpretentious way.


Bouncing offbeat bass lines are the backbone of this EP. The fatness and crunchiness of these low frequencies makes it a 5-piece stomper… The tempo is rather moderate, leaving a lot of space for each stereo and reverb to evolve to the fullest. This effect is enhanced even more by the fact that the arrangement of all the tracks is a very minimal one. A beautiful melody, some spaced-out vocal sample, a few tracks of tight percussion , and a proper bass of course – it does not need much to create a mighty vortex of dance floor thrust. In this respect, the available Cover Up EP has also a classic touch, reminiscent of the heydays of Progressive Trance around the turn of the century. Sweet music from a not yet well-known artist – this is the stuff innovative DJ sets and inspiring home listening experiences are made of!

Audio Demos