Goosebumps – Digital Mystic (Groove Control Records)



Still waters run deep, as the saying goes. And so does the Digital Mystic EP: Calm and sensitive, but at the same time driving and very hypnotic. Lovers of classic Progressive Trance will de delighted, as for them this act really lives up to its name and provokes Goosebumps!


All the tracks on Digital Mystic work very similar to a Tai Chi practice: Calm and flowing movement is just the audible surface of a strong, ancient energy. The track Hyperion has a very rich, rolling bass line but actually its rhythm is not created by a lot of percussions but rather by the organic elegance of hovering melodies, echoing into outer space- straight towards Another World. You wont find any drum rolls or sensational glitch effects in the music of Goosebumps. No, its catchiness rather evolves from a very considered composition of sound effects and long, morphing melodies. The title track Digital Mystic combines a heavyweight offbeat bass with super mellow, super light harmonies and a discreet, easy vocal sample. Get lost in a Liquid Nebula of bliss that never gets so thick that there is no space for your own fantasy any more. Perhaps this is exactly the reason why the music of Goosebumps is so Psychotropic: It provides rich inspiration, be in form of strong basses or be it in form of dreamy melodies, but it always involves the listener’s mind by being very visual, if not even visionary!


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