Gaga – Draw EP (Rococo Records)




Hungarian Gábor Szabó aka Gaga delivers two high-octane club tools, published exclusively on Rococo Records. Whoever had the pleasure to witness one of his rousing DJ sets, his exciting mixture of Minimal, Techno, and House, knows what that means: The party is on!


Draw is a tribalistic club weapon built around an outrageously fat bass line. So there are two elements that give to this track a whole lot of boost: The pulsating, sweaty House groove, and the straight-to-the –floor bongo avalanches and tight percussion lines. This banger does not need anything else to develop to its fullest!


Smashing grooves along on a shuffled, pointed beat that combines the rustic appeal of Minimal with the sensual drive of classic House music. Again this title is pretty tool-like, perfect for DJs who love to keep things spinning all the time. In its hybrid manner, this tune perfectly fits into the sets of a variety of DJs and styles!

Audio Demos