Funk Truck – Mind Frequencies


Format: CD & Digital Release date: 23.03.2012 (CD)


Audio Demos




01 Funk Truck – Disarming
02 Funk Truck – Anything You Need
03 Funk Truck – Since 10s
04 Funk Truck – Mind Frequencies
05 Funk Truck – Afterday Delight
06 Funk Truck – Radio
07 Funk Truck – Live The Moment (Album Version)
08 Funk Truck – Into Horizon
09 Funk Truck – Sign For Life


Synergetic Records is very proud to present the debut album “Mind Frequencies” by Israeli producer duo FUNK TRUCK.
After several physical and digital releases on respected labels such as Iono Music, Synergetic Records, YSE, Crotus Records, Uxmal Records and many others the time has come to present a full-length studio album with 9 previous unreleased tracks full over smashing dancefloor tracks within the progressive trance genre.
The powerful element of this refreshing album is its uniqueness in sounding and arranging to tell musical stories. Every track holds an own story with pure bliss and easiness to make it a stunning gem in your collection of CDs to which you will listen over and over again even after years of possession.



Mind Frequencies - Funk Truck