Funk Truck – Mind Frequencies (Synergetic Records)



Moran Ben Meir and David Katshiner from the North of Israel are looking back on quite a steep rise in their short musical career. It took the duo only 2 years to establish their name among Progressive Trance lovers. Various compilation tracks and some solid EPs line the way which their Funk Truck took, a road that led straight upwards and that reaches a first peak with Mind Frequencies, their debut album.


This work has a classic Progressive Trance vibe with a distinctly organic feeling, soundscapes as deep as the ocean and trancy, outer-space melodies. First thing to notice: It’s not all offbeat bass lines, but a very rich variety of different grooves and rhythms. The tempo always remains relaxed, which sets the Mind Frequencies to a both inspiring, stimulating and laid-back, easy-going mood. The Trance effect of this album is clearly created by the brilliant sound quality and a very considered mix. Less is more… this great paradigm seems to be written on the wall of Funk Truck’s music studio!


The huge echo chambers and endless delays of Mind Frequencies predestines this work to be played on a big sound system- either on an open air floor or in the fluorescent world of a large club… For sure the Funk Truck will be seen and heard more and more often at exactly these places!


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