Frogacult – Flow Sensing (Synergetic Records)




To those being rather new in the Progressive Trance scene Frogacult might seem like an up-and-coming newcomer, having released a successful album and some EPs so far. Whereas the name will be very familiar for those stomping around dance floors for 8 years or more already: The Danish duo used to be among the avant-garde of “Scandinavian Progressive Trance”. Now the project is back. One half left, another producer joined instead – which results in a familiar groove on the one side and refreshing new sounds on the other.



Minimal, or lets say: Reduced to the maximum – this was and still is the basic principle of Frogacult. The title track Flow Sensing concentrates on a shuffling bass line, few percussions, a quirky synth lead and lots of spaced-out sound effects. It’s not melodies but rather sounds that create the drive of this title- which distinguishes it from many current Progressive productions.


The Center Of Mass turns out to be a weightless stomper with a subtle tribal feeling. More melodies and pad sounds in the clean arrangement of this title but again the flow is strongly influenced by surreal sound effects and cinematic vocal samples.


Vibrant is the the most experimental track on this EP. It starts with a super laid-back groove but a female vocal warns: It’s going to be a wild ride! The atmosphere remains minimal and to-the-point, only towards the end subtle melodies carve out of the silence.

Audio Demos