Fobee – Samsara EP (Plusquam Chill Out)




It might be winter and very cold in Vancouver, Canada, right now. However, there is obviously a source of warmth and energy in this city. Sort of hot spring, only that it is not emitting water but sound frequencies that will warm you up once they arrived in your mind. This source of cosiness is the studio of Fobee, a quality Chill Out, Ambient and Downbeat producer that stands out due to his production and composition skills.


The available Samsara EP explores the sunlit meadows of laid-back land, a place where words like hectic or stress are utterly unknown. The title track Samsara is composed around the elvish singing of a female. String orchestration, synthesizer sounds and a dreamy guitar are actually just companions of this wonderfully rich, complex and dreamy sound of a human voice. Thaliana is more of a joyful Lounge track, this one comes with easy beats and percussions. It is beautiful because it is so unpretentious, it can easily be heard in the background yet still has depth and character, mainly because of its jazzy trumpet sound and subliminal Balearic vibe. Last on Fobeeā€™s Samsara EP is a title named Unfinished Dreams, representing yet another sound direction. A tranquil beat structure is the basis for a resonating synthesizer arpeggio. Suddenly everything seems to skip to slow motion, intensifying every single second of this tune.

Audio Demos