Exaile – Sikfrik (Planet BEN Records)




It’s a well-known phenomenon. It can hit every man and every woman. Totally unexpected. Symptoms include wild grins, uncontrolled laughter, hyperactivity, a need for movement and fidgeting, and daring actions in general. Its name: Cowboy’s Flu. Exaile obviously had an experience with it and composed a track while still being under the influence. A rousing Full On banger with a distinct touch of Wild West atmosphere, especially because of the easy guitar plonking. The track keeps building and escalating, just to reduce to a minimal groove and to erupt again. A peak time tune with a pleasantly humours wink!


Another highly fascinating, highly inspiring and highly weird phenomenon is the fantasy of Exaile. The digital flipside of this EP presents a hymn from and a hymn for this very place: My Head is an experimental Psytrance track, based on shuffled ¾ rhythms, wild bleep sounds, synthesized insanity, twitching vocals and a hilarious vocal sample… Comic-styled catchiness put in a nutshell, definitely a proper dose of hit potential for Full On party freaks!

Audio Demos